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a call to conversation about HAIR LOSS

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Welcome to Hair Me Out, a call to conversation about hair loss.

Enter the forum to join the conversation. Bringing your questions, stories, and advice forward are powerful first steps to the normalization of hair loss. Hair loss today carries so much stigma, which often silences voices that provide help and hope to others walking a similar path. By shedding light (pun intended) on the subject, we can destigmatize hair loss together.

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my YouTube channel: HairMeOut

My story, others' stories. Tutorials, tips, and tricks. Hear me out on HairMeOut. 

The Blog.

For years I've hid my hair loss, but now my scalp is center stage. 


Join me as I share my story and contemplate questions such as: 


  • Should we hide hair loss or embrace it?

  • What is it like going bald in high school?

  • Why is hair so important to our identities?

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